Fusionetics Technology

We deliver a technology enabled solution to improve human performance in every body.

  • Mobilized for Scalability
  • Athlete Management
  • Standardized Testing
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Targeted Programming
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Improved Continuity of Care

Human Performance System

We focus on the continuum of human performance – Move, Perform, Recover.


  • Movement predicts injury
  • Exercise programs targeted to improve movement, reduce injury
  • Fix and improve movement


  • Systematic training progressions increase performance levels
  • Increased performance levels and decreased injury risk lead to increased on-field performance results
  • Optimize performance capacity and output


  • Improper recovery behaviors lead to increased fatigue
  • Fatigue leads to decreased performance and injury risk
  • Enhance recovery and readiness

Fusionetics Process

We utilize an efficient implementation process across categories that allow each user to focus on application to deliver results and achieve goals.

  • Test

    • Standardized and efficient testing systems
    • Engage and motivate users with gamified scoring and rankings
    • Evaluate status, establish base-lines, and track progress

  • Analyze

    • Real time scoring, infographics, and progress reporting
    • Actionable analytics across multiple categories
    • Measure and manage data to improve decision making and gain a competitive edge

  • Program

    • One-touch programming and customization
    • Extended continuum of care across users
    • Targeted interventions to improve every body

Fusionetics Scoring System

Scoring is measured on a scale of 0-100 (Low-High) and is used to establish athlete baselines, monitor progress, and understand status to improve decision making.

Fusionetics is Human Performance. Built for every body, our system is designed to help you understand, monitor and improve performance at all levels. We provide technology and service solutions to standardize and mobilize testing, analytics and programs that improve movement, prevent injury, optimize performance and enhance recovery. Utilizing an evidence-based approach we are focused on making the complex simple to deliver applications that optimize results.