A Movement Ready Fitness Revolution

The new pursuit of movement longevity.

The fitness market is evolving right before our eyes.

The hard-body enthusiasts who drove fitness trends in the past have  been joined by a larger population striving to stay active, feel better and live longer, without pain or limitation.

In response, the fitness industry is seeing new business models and training concepts emerge almost daily.

The global health club industry market is estimated at over $88 billion with more than 201,000 clubs and 174 million members. 

A simple, quick and bullet-proof way to deliver what they need.


Despite today’s fitness evolution, one fundamental truth continues to be largely overlooked:

Training someone to first move properly is a foundational best practice of any sustainable fitness program.

Proper movement empowers ordinary people to stay active longer. It amplifies the ability of superfit competitors to achieve greater results in less time. It helps protect hard-charging athletes from avoidable pain and injury.

Tight muscles, stiff joints and poor functional strength lead to movement impairment and compensation. Movement impairment and compensation lead to pain, soreness, exercise dread—and eventually injury. This is especially true for adults and seniors who often carry a lifetime of accumulated traumas, strains and pains.

Digitally disrupting the status quo.

Fitness consumers have countless options—and expect immediate results.

Among the new fitness gadgets are myriad movement assessment tools. Yet few actually measure up to their hype:

- Most are not evidence-based or reliably accurate.
- Many still require deep practitioner expertise and/or an in-person evaluation.
- Almost all are missing actionable ways to apply the data and reap the benefits.

Fusionetics: The revolutionary exception.

Any trainer (or for that matter, any health club employee, training partner or fellow gym member) can use our Body MAP technology to assess human movement with unparalleled precision and speed.

Within minutes, Fusionetics identifies:

- What muscles are overactive and underactive
- What needs strengthening and what needs lengthening
- Risks of injury and what will likely cause pain or soreness

The system then immediately generates a personalized, targeted program to help correct movement problems and imbalances before the primary workout regimen begins.

The results are proven and substantial: improved performance, fewer injuries and faster recovery.

Today’s Fitness Market Challenge

Lead the movement revolution today? Or chase the leaders tomorrow?

Fusionetics gives any facility or trainer the ability to precisely assess human movement—and confidently create customized performance programs that help clients and members move better and stay active longer.

In turn, those facilities and trainers are quickly seen as more advanced, modern and distinctive, delivering programs that are undeniably safer and more effective.

Other market advantages include:

Qualified leads for personal training sales
Potential new revenue streams
Evidence-based customization for comprehensive programming
Compelling success metrics to attract new members/clients

Fusionetics offers value-enhancing services as well:

  • Movement Assessment Corner (sponsored by Technogym) - a transportable kiosk that uses Body MAP technology to perform initial movement assessments for consumers at events or facilities (coming in 2020).

Movement science education and certification opportunities:

  • Movement Efficiency Certification program
  • Fusionetics PRO training

Fusionetics practitioners and partners also have access to new networks, inspirational coaches and master trainers, while our expert support and implementation services assure success at every step.