Before you play.
Before you work.
Before you train.

Before you hurt yourself.

Improve how you move.

At The Forefront Of Movement Science
Movement Assessment + Correction
Evidence-Based, Proven To Work
Used by Over 500 Pro And Collegiate Teams
Uniquely Mapped To You

The same movement science used by top athletes and sports teams around the world is now helping everyone perform better on the field, on the court, at work and at play— with a lower risk of injury, less pain, and faster recovery if injuries do occur.

Every move you make involves the complex interplay of muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.


We capture it all, tell you what it means, and show you how to improve.


Whatever you play,
the laws of physics rule the game.

Our bodies follow the same laws of physics that apply to any mechanical system. These laws determine how our muscles, bones and connective tissues interact as we run, as we swing a bat, racquet, club or mallet, as we throw or kick a ball.

The anatomical principles of proper movement are well understood. Now, Fusionetics enables every aspect of our movement to be measured with clinical precision for analysis and correction.

A human expert can record dozens of movement values.

Fusionetics sees millions.

Fusionetics’ Body MAP is a game-changing innovation in movement science.

As a user performs a standard series of movements, the Fusionetics 2D mobile video-capture immediately logs millions of data points.

Our advanced machine learning then immediately analyzes these captured values, comparing them to a knowledgebase of tens of thousands of assessments conducted with elite athletes and other users.

The result is a precise, detailed Body MAP and movement efficiency (ME) score, generated within minutes.

Body MAP technology is so intuitive and simple that movement assessments can be performed by anyone who can take a video on a smartphone—training partners, teammates, spouses, partners or parents. Yet it often uncovers connections that even the best human movement experts can’t see—such as a high correlation between a particular movement and a particular injury

2D motion capture and machine learning enable precise scoringof movement
impairments based on the combination and severity of external movement compensations.

of users report pain reduction
reduction in acute knee injuries
reduction in ACL tears
40% - 400% increase in performance – speed, agility, resilience, recovery


Movement experts were once available only to the elite.

Our experts are in the cloud, driven by AI—and available to all.

Assessment is only the beginning. Fusionetics’ real strength is correction: a unique, personalized performance program of exercises to strengthen, balance and improve the user’s movement. Following simple prompts, the user can access their personal program immediately following the assessment. Securely stored in the cloud, the program is accessible anytime, anywhere, from the user’s smartphone, tablet or computer.

Every personalized program builds on five key goals to efficiently correct the root causes of movement-related MSK conditions:

Prevent injury
Reduce Pain
Speed Recovery
Improve Performance
Increase Durability

The Fusionetics platform draws on hundreds of evidence-based corrective stretches, exercises and therapies—all proven with elite athletes, yet simple enough for any age or fitness level.

Each includes easy-to-follow instructions and a short video showing how the corrective movement should be performed. A virtual Fusionetics coach is also available to help practitioners or self-guided users if needed.

Until Body MAP, this level of movement assessment and prescribed therapy was only available from highly specialized movement experts after an in-depth clinical evaluation.