Building Better Athletes Starts Here

High school coaches often complain that athletes show up without fundamental movement skills, or with bad movement habits that limit performance and increase the risk of injury.
Unfortunately, even the best youth coaches rarely have the tools or expertise to assess and train children in proper movement.

Movement training like the pros.

Our youth sports practitioners use the same proprietary platform as elite sports practitioners, with all the same features:

  • Customizable digital app that meets the needs of any age or level
  • Organizational administration portal
  • Team dashboards and gamified Athlete Management Profiles
  • Standardized testing applications for movement, performance and recovery
  • Customizable programming based on an athlete’s development level
  • Objective athlete monitoring, advanced reporting and actionable analytics
  • Installation of the system, including platform set-up and customization
  • Staff training and development

They see the same results as elite practitioners, too. Young bodies are remarkably plastic and children can generally correct movement imbalances more than twice as fast as adults. Best of all, when proper movement patterns are established early, young athletes gain an advantage in overall performance and safety for life.

Give kids a strong movement foundation and the results are remarkable.

of users report pain reduction
reduction in acute knee injuries
reduction in ACL tears
40% - 400% increase in performance – speed, agility, resilience, recovery

“A large focus at Fusionetics is youth athletes, ensuring they are performing at their optimum level while mitigating their risk of injury. Youth athletes everywhere can immediately benefit from consistent training that boosts their performance in areas like speed, power and agility.”

Dr. Micheal Clark, Fusionetics Founder


Youth Coaches, Associations, School Systems

Fusionetics empowers youth sports programs to accurately assess and train proper movement in young athletes, decreasing injuries and optimizing skill development.

Key benefits:

  • Acts as an athlete management system
  • Enables centralized communication across the organization and staff
  • Provides advanced analytics for objective monitoring of athlete development
  • Flexible platform makes it easy to customize for unique team or institutional needs
  • Remote monitoring of results.


Parents & Caregivers

Fusionetics helps engage and motivate young athletes to “train like Kobe”, helping them create foundational movement skills for a healthier life.

Key benefits:

  • Professional-level movement assessment and clinically proven solution made easy and affordable.
  • Access to world-renowned sports performance coaches - including numerous elite and professional athletes, collegiate national champions, and All-Americans.


Youth Athletes

Fusionetics is easy to use and works fast. Provides more “bang for your buck” than any other type of physical and athletic training.

Key benefits:

  • Access to their profile and program anywhere/anytime
  • Gamified interface for increased engagement and motivation
  • Customizable training calendar and schedule

Fusionetics has been used by over 500 of the top professional and collegiate programs in the country, and proves its value every day on playing fields, courts and tracks.