Employee Health:

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Fewer injuries. Less pain. Lower costs.


A Fusionetics-powered program to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) may be the best ROI opportunity you’ll see this year – or any year.

The average corporate cost of providing MSD care for 60K employees is $32 million. Preventing half of these MSDs could generate a $16 million direct cost savings.


Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) -
What Are They Costing Your Company

28 million affected workers

216 million lost workdays

1/3 of worker comp costs

$48K - $67K per incident

16-22% of company healthcare costs

Proven to
work with the world’s most
elite athletes.

How could Fusionetics improve your bottom line?

Up to
of MSDs prevented
Up to
fewer MSD-related surgeries
treated more effectively
and affordably
lower total MSD treatment costs

Now customized to
work for your most
valuable assets.

From providing onsite exercise equipment and classes to discounting health club memberships to pursuing WELL building certifications, more and more companies are supporting employee health.

While well-intended, some of these initiatives reach very few employees and offer little return for considerable expensive. Others fail to deliver measurable, quantitative gains.

Fusionetics is designed to be a notable exception:

  • enormous potential payback for modest investment
  • simplicity encourages high participation levels
  • positive feedback encourages high compliance
  • data-driven for quantitative evidence of improvements

We’ve made it easy to implement Fusionetics in your company.


Fusionetics offers a complete MSD-prevention program with:

  • Digital assessments tools that are scalable to large populations
  • Risk stratification to identify individuals with the greatest need for care
  • Tailored employee engagement and education tactics
  • Virtual coaching for high risk individuals focused on pain management and injury prevention
  • Optional onsite staff for assessments or treatment
  • Care referral management

We also make it easy to measure everything—from initial program enrollment and assessments to completed programs, employee satisfaction.

When you improve how they move, the benefits really flow.

  • Improves access to care
  • Speeds and customizes recovery
  • Reduces WC claim frequency & severity
  • Reduces medical spend
  • Helps prevent avoidable surgeries
  • Helps prevent avoidable injuries
  • Increased productivity
  • Better quality of work and performance
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • More relaxed and collaborative climate
  • Greater employee loyalty and satisfaction
  • Better brand image in the market