The Fusionetics Advantage:

Outreach With Benefits

The global sports medicine market is predicted to reach almost $12 billion by the end of 2025.* Alarmingly, this surge is being fueled by an $1 trillion epidemic of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.**

In the U.S. alone, musculoskeletal disorders affect 127 million adults. This means that a significant population in virtually every community would likely benefit from earlier intervention and better injury prevention.

As a Fusionetics practitioner or partner, you can answer both needs with proven effectiveness.

* the latest study published by AnalystView Market Insights
* * Based United States Bone and Joint Initiative: The Burden of Musculoskeletal Diseases in the United States (BMUS), Fourth Edition, forthcoming. Rosemont, IL.

Better assessment for referrals. Proven solutions for prevention.


Caring for the youth, collegiate, and professional athletes of their communities is typically a top priority for leading healthcare systems. Fusionetics gives these providers a proven, engaging and differentiated assessment tool to quickly identify and refer local athletes who need early treatment before their issues become serious problems.

Fusionetics additionally gives every assessed athlete technology-enabled access to expert movement science, was well as techniques and tools that will lower their risk of pain and injury in the future.

A male teenage basketball player is at the doctors office to have some work done on his injury. A nurse is wrapping his bandage around the ankle.
But it’s not just athletes who need better prevention, treatment and recovery.


Fusionetics allows any healthcare provider to quickly assess the movement efficiency of any patient —regardless of age or skill level—with pinpoint accuracy. This makes for easier referrals to specialized care, and can drive earlier diagnosis and treatment of
disorders across every patient segment.

The long term result: improved overall health across the entire community, with
related benefits such as reduced opioid dependence and a safer, more productive labor pool.

Healthier communities. Healthier patient and revenue growth.

The current high rate of investment in sports, and the rising incidence of sports injuries, are creating ample opportunities for growth in the sports medicine and related markets. But competition is fierce.

Healthcare providers must establish leading market positions by adding new services and developing more effective referral strategies.

Being a Fusionetics practitioner or partner gives you a significant market advantage. Fusionetics practitioners and partners have increased visibility and connections with their local schools, employers, institutions and community groups.


We make it easier to:

  • Visibly increase health and wellness throughout your community
  • Maximize orthopedic market share for hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Position physical therapy practices and facilities as experts in movement and in-treatment of movement-related dysfunction
  • Drive community outreach initiatives to identify at-risk populations for referral
  • Generate more in-clinic billable solutions