Designed From The Start For Elite Athletes

This is how we help you maximize and protect your most valuable assets.

Faster. Stronger. More Flexible.
With Less Pain and Fewer Injuries.


Fusionetics was originally designed for elite athlete development and care, providing technology-driven solutions to meet the specific needs of pro, college and Olympic sports organizations.

Fusionetics gives practitioners and their athletes unlimited access to the system, with everything needed to ensure program efficiency and success:

  • Customizable digital app for all athletes
  • Organizational administration portal
  • Team dashboards and gamified Athlete Management Profiles
  • Standardized testing applications for movement, performance and recovery
  • Targeted programming based on athlete status
  • Consolidated athlete monitoring, advanced reporting and actionable analytics
  • Installation of the system, including platform set-up and customization On-site staff training and development

We also offer a professional consulting package that includes:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Game Plan Development
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Support
of users report pain reduction
reduction in acute knee injuries
reduction in ACL tears
40% - 400% increase in performance – speed, agility, resilience, recovery


The Only Movement-Based Performance Solution That’s

At The Forefront Of Movement Science
Movement Assessment + Correction
Evidence-Based, Proven To Work
Used By Over 500 Pro And Collegiate Teams
Uniquely Mapped To You


Management & Coaches

Fusionetics is a smart, evidence-based solution for better risk management and injury prevention, proven to decrease time lost to injury and to speed return to play.

Key benefits:

  • Centralized communication across the organization
  • Analytics for objective monitoring of player status
  • Integrated features for medical, performance and administration staff, supports multiple stakeholders
  • Flexible platform to customize for unique organizational needs


Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning Staff

Fusionetics is a flexible, evidence-based tool that helps you design programs to meet the particular needs of your team and sport, while adding to the recovery, speed, agility, strength and durability of your athletes.

Key benefits:

  • Increased continuum of care—supports and connects multiple users across the organization Increased staff efficiency—do more in less time
  • Actionable analytics to assist in decision making
  • Advanced reporting for coaches and management
  • Centralized athlete management system


World-class performance requires world-class technical movement skills. Fusionetics is proven to help top athletes reach peak fitness and reduce their risk of injury.

Key benefits:

  • Access to profile and program anywhere/anytime
  • Gamified interface for increased engagement
  • Training calendar to self-manage activities
  • Remote monitoring of recovery and readiness status
  • Targeted programs customized by athlete needs

Fusionetics has been used by over 500 of the top professional and collegiate programs in the country, and proves its value every day on playing fields, courts and tracks.