To perform your best, avoid injury, reduce pain and speed recovery, you must first train your body to move correctly.

If we move poorly, we will fail to perform to our potential, however strong, hard-working or talented we may be.

We also invite needless injuries, unnecessary pain and slower recovery.

Fusionetics is the only evidence-based solution of its kind.

Fusionetics is not a commercial app, nor a typical performance system. It is an evidence-based movement performance solution focused on injury prevention and recovery:

  • Created and validated by experts in movement science and sports medicine
  • Driven by advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Delivered on a smart, flexible digital technology platform

Fusionetics uses 2D motion capture and machine learning to assess human movement with pinpoint accuracy, and to quickly generate a comprehensive, detailed Body MAP and movement efficiency (ME) score.

Within minutes after the assessment is complete, Fusionetics develops and delivers a highly customized performance program for the user, pulling from evidence-based exercises, stretches and therapies proven to correct movement problems and imbalances that hinder performance, invite injury or create pain.

of users report pain reduction
reduction in acute knee injuries
reduction in ACL tears
40% - 400% increase in performance – speed, agility, resilience, recovery

They don’t move a muscle without Fusionetics First.

Fusionetics is used today by over 500 professional and collegiate sports programs.

Here’s what these practitioners, partners and elite athletes have to say.