Mission Readiness Starts With Fusionetics First

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maximize and protect your
most valuable assets.

They have the will.

Fusionetics gives them the way.


Military, police, fire and other first responders all share a mission: to protect and serve. The men and women who answer this call rarely let physical challenges or pain slow them down—until it stops them in their tracks.


Among active duty soldiers in the US Armed Forces in 2010, there were 2.4 million ambulatory visits and hospitalizations for neuromuscular conditions—and 80% were for overuse injuries.

In fact, lower extremity overuse is the largest single cause of lost and limited duty days in the U.S. military.

Evidence-based. Rapid. AI-driven. Proven to work.

Elite athletes and top pro and collegiate teams have long used Fusionetics to prepare for competition. Year after year, the results point to dramatically reduced chances of injury, better performance, and faster recovery when injuries do occur.


Could the same be true for soldiers and first responders—fewer injuries, less pain and better performance if they use Fusionetics first? To find out, Fusionetics’ partnered with the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to conduct a 4-year, cluster-randomized controlled trial at The United States Military Academy (2010 - 2014), implementing an injury prevention program during 6-week basic training.

The documented results:

reduction in acute knee injuries
reduction in ACL tears
decrease in lower extremity injuries

Fusionetics is running similar pilots with both conventional and special forces units.

Fusionetics lets you assess, protect and strengthen individuals anywhere in the world, any time.

Using Fusionetics makes it easier to standardize and reproduce tactical training programs with:

  • Objective assessments of movement efficiency
  • Immediate access to personalized programs
  • Digitally tracking of units and teams‒no matter where they are
  • Superior continuation of care

For more information contact: Matt Joyner - mjoyner@fusioneticstactical.com / Tom Smith - tsmith@fusioneticstactical.com